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  • fficiency

    The optimum used for time, efforts and tools to produce outstanding target.

  • ccuracy

    It is all about accuracy in order to avoid the slip

  • atisfaction

    All your dreams in one pool, no need to contact many

  • alent

    The human special flavor providing the perfect quality


Welcome to East Localize where Efficiency, Accuracy, Sufficiency and Talent are the articles you will find.
East localize is your one-stop service provider for your Asian and Middle Eastern localization service,
SIMPLY Professional.


East-Localization vision is to become the first choice in Asian and Middle Eastern translation and localization service in region. We are also aiming to facilitate your business development in this fast growing region


East Localize mission is to carry out your translation tasks successfully with the most possible and highest quality to provide your original text into Target text as it is originally written in this target language using our professional and native translators.


For sure quality is our company cornerstone, so we have established all the measures possible to ensure that we meet all our client’s quality requirements. We constantly strive for improvement in our performance in pursuit of this objective in order to achieve our client’s satisfaction with our services.


Translation, DTP, E-Learning, Testing, L10n Engineering “Localization, Software, Website and Engineering”