Why Us

Quality is our cornerstone and we have our QA process to assure that all our products meet the international quality standards.

The document formatting, graphics, colors, layout, images, icons and fonts are all assured by our professional DTP team after all.


is our mainstay in translation and localization service. It's our responsibility to handle clients' work with the utmost care and confidentiality. Although we are working in a very time critical and competitive environment we ensure that we meet our client’s deadlines with high quality.

Customer satisfaction

is our yardstick to measure our success. It's through ensuring that high level of QA that East Localize maintain our customer satisfaction ratings.


is our secret and our main factor behind all our successes. We are working a family based working environment and our employees are all considered as part of our family.


which we gained over the years since started our business through handling hundreds of documents and localizing many software applications, websites, and mobile phones.

Native speakers

along with the qualification and the needed experience is our way to chose our translators we are depending on to handle all our clients projects.

Project Management

is the reason behind the success or fail that is why East Localize employs an impressive and professional team of certified and dedicated Project Managers who oversee your project through all phases attentively.

All our services have been developed and are continually improving with this one aim in mind.

From the outset, our project managers strive to understand your products and organization in order to meet your requirements fully. Our goal is a long-lasting, mutually beneficial vendor-client partnership.

Our project managers follow strict monitoring guidelines; and they are encouraged to tailor their strategy to each client's specific needs and objectives. Their goal is a project delivered to your satisfaction, on budget and on time