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We are simply professionals, and this has been a constant theme in our company messaging from day one. This has been our philosophy and rallying cry for over two decades. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we set out with unique administrative values and approaches that established us as a premier one-stop localisation services provider and an inspiring model for fruitful win-win cooperation based on mutual partnership and trust.

Our services give our clients a vital link to the expanding surrounding regions. This gives their products the head start they need to enter new markets with confidence.

Our key aim is to provide timely, high-quality services that boost our partners' standing in the marketplace. To this end, we optimise all the resources at our disposal, including our expertise in a wide range of localisation fields, employing experienced teams and cutting-edge technologies, including production and management software and systems.


EAST Localize’s mission is to become the region's go-to provider of translation and localisation services.


Our goal is to shoulder the burden of localisation projects so that our clients can rest easy while we handle everything from start to finish, delivering flawless output that matches the standards and cultural norms of the target audience as though created specifically for them.