Not only are vehicles difficult to grasp, but they are also quite common. The dependability of their structure and the safety that they provide are of the highest importance to our day-to-day lives because of the risks that they prevent.

However, most of the information we desire in order to make an informed decision on the acquisition of a vehicle is decided by the brand. Information on what sort of product experience to expect when you purchase a vehicle is neatly tucked away behind brand names whose reputations have been painstakingly created over the course of many decades. And for the many of these decades, the localisation demands of the automotive industry were essentially constrained to marketing materials and user manuals. However, things are always changing.

In EAST Localize we handle a range of automotive-related translation and localisation projects covering:

  • Marketing materials
  • Car navigation systems
  • Automotive instruction manuals
  • Vehicle handbooks