The letter of the law – meticulous localisation for legal professionals

The translations industry is one of the few industries experiencing steady growth despite the pandemic of the last two years. This is because the need for communication in many different languages is still on the rise, becoming increasingly important to a growing number of industry sectors over time.

Legal translations are the bedrock of international trade, empowering businesses to expand their operations into new markets with confidence. We work all around the clock, and we know what matters most to legal professionals and organisations; availability, speed, accuracy and subject knowledge. Amongst the legal translation services we offer are:

  • Certified translations
  • Transcription services
  • Patent translations
  • Contract translations
  • Witness statements

Top-quality translations enable our clients to get the best out of the unique opportunities that the global market presents to them, time after time; and we are committed to delivering consistently on their expectations. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language as well as professionals in the discipline applicable to our client. Where possible, we select professionals with a legal background, or alternatively with plenty of prior experience carrying out legal translation work.

Our legal document translation services are backed by our quality management system and ‘always-online’ production teams, and everything we translate goes through a series of stringent checks to maintain the highest possible accuracy for our clients. We have also invested in security measures to always ensure the integrity and privacy of your documentation and data, and our translators sign non-disclosure agreements and are carefully vetted before deployment.

With our investment in cutting-edge technologies and adoption of standardised workflow processes, our legal translation teams are the obvious choice for any business looking for a reliable legal translations partner who prizes timeliness and technical accuracy.

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