One of today's most important and pervasive industries is finance. Businesses, whether for profit or not, conduct a great many financial transactions, and as a result, require access to accurate, comprehensive financial translation services and integrated localisation solutions.

Central banks, investment banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, mergers and acquisitions, brokerages, investment banks, accountancy firms and investor relations businesses are only few of the many players in the banking and finance industry.

The financial organisations who rely on EAST Localize for banking translation and finance services get only the best in the business. Our localisation solutions aim to be as precise as possible across cultural and linguistic borders and are based on the following three pillars:

  • It is crucial for an organisation to localise financial information accurately to comply with local laws and regulations
  • Because of the sensitive nature of financial data and the potential damage that may result from its exposure, the financial translation industry must pay close attention to security
  • The quality of a financial translation relies heavily on the translator’s linguistic abilities and financial experience