Looking for a safe pair of hands for your healthcare translations?

Healthcare has never been more talked about than it is today, both in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, with hope for better procedures and outcomes in the future, and around desired improvements in efficiency and updating facilities worldwide.

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing commercial industries in the world, and its governing bodies are leaning towards a global approach – sharing healthcare information and data in an increasing number of languages, across continents. In the health and wellbeing industry, the ever-changing science of medical discovery and innovation generates an ongoing need for translation and localisation in order to support best practice and improved health outcomes for the patient.

Today’s globalist approach necessitates the requirement for a lot of translation and localisation of documentation such as clinical trial data, policies and procedures and a range of clinical studies carried out in various countries where the information gather was felt to be of benefit to all.

Healthcare translations can cover a wide range of disciplines, including marketing communications, packaging, brochures, clinical trial data, magazines, instructions manuals and much more, and can be technical or non-technical depending on its intended audience and use.

The technicality of medical texts is not to be underestimated, even when simply providing information to healthcare customers, and EAST Localize have a team of healthcare translators who are carefully chosen for their medical backgrounds and fully conversant with the technical terminology habitually used in healthcare communications. The need for absolute accuracy in healthcare translations cannot be emphasised strongly enough – bearing in mind the possible repercussions of misdiagnosis or malpractice if the output executed falls below par.

Consistency of output quality is another main concern when translating healthcare communications and documentation, and we employ the use of client style guides and a range of computer-aided translation technologies in order to maintain the strictest adherence to preferred terminology and the consistency and accuracy of our output.

Our current clients range from private clinics to hospitals and medical research foundations, and we translate everything from studies to be published in eminent medical journals to expert reports. Working with in-country specialists in a wide range of languages, EAST Localize's healthcare translations service offers everything from simple text translation through to proofreading and even print-ready formatting.

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