Bring your games to life in any language, reaching gamers all over the world!

As we all know, the games with the furthest reach and the largest user communities have been translated into many different languages, enabling them to be enjoyed by gaming fans all over the world.

But localising games is not for the faint hearted. Huge differences in culture must be taken into account. And every game will have its own unique look and feel, to be matched with a nuanced tone of voice to suit its community of players. This kind of work can only be undertaken by specialised teams of translators with specific experience in what makes a game successful and how all the different characters they are expected to faithfully represent will translate from the source into the target language. There’s often specialised vocabulary and slang to take care of too – which is why it is so important to pick a gaming translations partner who understands all these different aspects of the job.

Here at EAST Localize, we take gaming very seriously. Our translators are enthusiastic gamers with first-hand experience of the types of characters and environments they will be expected to faithfully represent to their target audiences.

We provide the technology to streamline the process of releasing your game in international markets, along with translation services across a range of formats and technical support. Our services include creative writing, editing and proofreading, character development, transcreation and, of course, support maintaining characters and storylines as new game versions are rolled out.

In-depth industry expertise is vital to the success of game localisation and ensuring that your game is enjoyed just as much by user communities around the globe as it is at home. EAST Localize have both the technological and linguistic expertise to guarantee the success of your next game release, wherever your intended market.

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