"You must have a supplier relationship of constant improvement," wrote W. Edwards Deming, widely recognised as the man behind the concept of Total Quality Management. 

Resources are the component on which the quality of any output is built in the localisation industry. Therefore, successful vendor management is a prerequisite for successful and efficient localisation operations.

However, the unparalleled complexity of collecting and evaluating resources presents a challenge. A single project team may manage a considerable number of different vendors, whether operating in-house or freelance, and whether they work remotely from locations around the world or are based at company headquarters.

Imagine an environment in which individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and languages come together to work on regular localisation projects.

You can see why it is crucial to have effective vendor management in place to keep databases organised, apply rigorous selection processes, manage flexible and constructive relationships and implement training programmes for all these vendors. It ensures they are selected to work on projects according to the specifications and requirements of each project and the extent to which the vendor's skills and qualifications are in line with those requirements.

  • At EAST Localize, we use the most up-to-date logistical and organisational techniques for effective vendor management.
  • To efficiently organise our vendor data and guarantee genuine competitiveness and integrity, we work with XTRF's vendor system.
  • All our vendor management team have been given academic training on how to manage their day-to-day workload, including choosing vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs, lowering vendor risks and ensuring service delivery.
  • If previous work experience is present, a reference should be provided
  • Communication channels must be tested and identity verified
  • Our NDA, which contains all the information, requirements and obligations for joint co-operation, must finally be signed by the translator
  • We have an advanced feedback system in which to record feedback and maintain vendor data.
  • We offer an ongoing training programme on software such as CAT tools for our vendors.
  • Ongoing co-ordination meetings between vendor management, project management and business development management teams to learn about the most recent advancements and task requirements.
  • We have strict hiring standards in line with our quality assurance system. Here are a few conditions from our policy for hiring new vendors to provide translation services for illustration.
    • The duration of co-operation and translator availability should be consistent
    • The translator must be a native speaker of the target language
    • The translator must have a certified academic background in translation or linguistics
    • The translator needs to pass the linguistic proficiency and familiarity with software and systems tests.