Arabic‎, al-ʿarabiyyah or ʿarabīy, whichever way we say it, Arabic is one of the oldest spoken languages with a long and illustrious history, and it still maintains a prominent position on the global stage in terms of economy, culture, politics, and geographical expansion.

It is the native language of more than 280 million people, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world and the official language of more than 20 countries.

The Arabic language definitely has its own quirks, which have many ramifications and bring additional factors to consider when looking at translation or localisation. This is logical, as it is the mother tongue of many people from various cultures. Yes, there are unified basics that all Arabic speakers share, but there are also other details and features that vary depending on the nation or country.

But there is no longer a need to worry about any of this. We at EAST Localize are proud to say that Arabic is our native tongue, and as such, we are fluent in all strains of Arabic, from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to regional dialects and even Franco-Arabic. Not only do we have extensive experience in the translation and localisation of Arabic, but we also have a wide network of qualified translators located throughout the various countries of the Arab world. From the ocean to the Gulf, as the Arabs say; from North Africa, where Morocco and Algeria lie, to the west and the Middle East, including Egypt and its vast population, and then on to the Arabian Peninsula, where the six countries that make up the region have a substantial effect on the world's markets, together with the Levant and Iraq areas.

Our experts are delighted to provide Arabic translation and localisation services and we have speakers in all dialects including the following:

  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)
  • Various local Arabic dialects:
  • Maghreb
  • Egyptian
  • Gulf
  • Peripheries
  • Mesopotamian
  • Levantine
  • Franco
  • Other Mixes