Who among us hasn't listened to a renowned audio commentary, whether it be a play, a video game or a set of instructions for a new study programme.

Even as children, we were inspired by the voices and performances of iconic Disney characters, like cunning Scar from The Lion King or hilarious Mike in Monsters, Inc. We were all familiar with them, each in his own native tongue. That's the big world of voice-over.

In our own studio, EAST Localize has produced and continues to deliver professional voice-over services for a wide variety of media, including movies, plays, documentaries, television shows and educational programmes.

We have thoughtfully assembled the technology and skills to produce creative voice-overs of the highest quality. Everything has been chosen with care: the tools and equipment in the studio, the software we use, and the skill and experience of our audio artists and sound engineers.

You tell us about the specific requirements of your project, such as quality parameters; the audio commentary that will accompany it; its intended target audience; the age range and gender of the artists you require; and any cultural considerations or linguistic quirks that may be involved. Our team will then take you through expediting your project so as to ensure its success with your target audience.