‘Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.’ - John Ruskin

Losing time, money and satisfied customers is something no business wants to experience.

In the field of translation and localisation, even the smallest error can have far-reaching consequences. This is why effective quality assurance is fundamental to the success of any translation project, in every meaning of the word.

At EAST Localize, we don't think of quality assurance as a bolt-on towards the end of a project; rather, we believe that good quality management must be built in at every step of the process. Checkpoints should be established along the whole length of the delivery chain, with every member of the team playing their part, from customer care to DTP.

Since quality assurance is an interconnected system, we can't hope to satisfy outcomes if we ignore established norms at any point in the project life cycle. With this long-standing method as a foundation, our quality department implements a stringent set of policies meant to ensure the highest possible standard of output for our clients.

This integrated system incorporates various sub-policies based on the type of service provided, such as:

  • Quality policies specific to translation services
  • Quality policies related to multimedia services
  • Vendor management quality assurance procedures
  • Project management quality assurance guidelines
  • Quality policies related to IT and localisation engineering
  • Quality control procedures connected to personnel, such as established codes of behaviour and quarterly performance appraisals

As part of this strategy, we have structured operations to provide the clear, efficient allocation of quality management duties. As well as using digital resources such as quality inspection tools and programmes, we vet all the members of our highly qualified teams to guarantee that our services are always of the highest possible standard.

When necessary, we can deviate from our standard criteria and create a customised process at the request of our partners or the recommendation of our experts. A video translation project quality management procedure, for instance, is unlikely to be like that of a social media campaign. The nature of each project, its identity and a number of other factors all have their own impact on the quality management approach.

EAST Localize takes great pride in maintaining consistently high standards for the services we provide.